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Consignment Services


We take great pride in being a leader in brass train internet sales. We have thousands of visitors from around the world that view our website everyday. Now you can take advantage of that global exposure along with our first class reputation by consigning your brass train models through BRASSTRAINS.COM

What type of models do you consign?

  • We require that you first send us a list of the items for approval before you ship them.
  • All models must be brass and on an individual basis have a minimum estimated retail value of $250. The entire shipment must have a value of $1000+ before we would accept the models on consignment.
  • If any of your models do not meet the minimum estimated retail value, we will try to make you a buyout offer for them
  • We do not accept plastic models for consignment.
  • Models must be in "Excellent" or better condition to qualify for consignment. Models that do not qualify are subject to return at consignor's expense.
  • If there is any question as to whether a model would qualify or not, please take photos of the model PRIOR to shipping it to us.
  • If a model is sent to us and needs repairs, we do charge a $75/hour labor fee to repair them. This does not include cost of parts. Repairs that may incur charges would include soldering work, remotoring, regearing, and the like.
  • We accept HO, HOn3, O, On3, S, Sn3, and N scales; if you have a different scale, just ask
  • Please email your list to: or fax to: 352-292-4122

What is your consignment fee?

  • Our consignment rate is 75/25. You keep 75% of what your item sells for.

    How long will it take you to list my models for sale?

    • In most cases, it doesn't take long at all! We know that you want a quick turnaround, and so do we! We try to list them as soon as we get them; if that's not possible, though, you can rest assured that the wait will not be long. We make consignor satisfaction a priority!

    What are the benefits of consigning with

    • Your items get premium worldwide exposure
    • Quality photos
    • Fast sell-through & maximum return on your investment
    • The only site to offer consignors the ability to see the status of their consigned items in real-time via My Consignment Center

    How is the price determined?

    • First, we grade all of our models as they arrive
    • We then calculate the final grade against the published price in the latest edition of the Brass Model Trains Price & Data Guide
    • Once the price has been determined, we will contact you for final approval prior to listing your model. If we do not receive a response within 7 days after submitting the prices to you for approval, the model will automatically be listed at our suggested price on the website.
    • If you disagree with our recommendation, we are, on occasion, willing to try to sell the model for a higher price (within reason). However, please note that, in such a case, you will be liable (e.g., not paid your 75%) for the model until it sells, has been paid for in full, shipped, and is outside of the return period. Asking for a higher recommended price will increase the amount of wait time until payout.
    • Once a price has been agreed upon, it must remain fixed for at least 30 days before any discounts can be made.
    • If there are any features such as custom paint, sound, lighting, etc. that have been added to the model, please include a note in the box describing these modifications

    How long is the consignment period?

    • The minimum consignment period is 90 days
    • After 90 days you may continue to keep your models listed on consignment with no additional fees or request your items to be shipped back
    • Customer is responsible for all shipping charges when items are requested to be returned
    • Models requested to be returned prior to 90 days will incur an additional $35 fee per model

    When AND HOW do I get paid?

    • All items sold prior to the 25th day of the current month will be paid out the first week of the following month
    • On the 25th of each month, the cycle refreshes and starts over
    • Items sold after the 25th will be paid out under the following payment cycle
    • If you select 'Check' as the payment method, please allow up to 14 days for arrival
    • Please note that, while the cycle closes on the 25th of each month, checks will not normally be sent out until the first week of the following month. The specific day when checks are sent varies depending on holidays and our active business days
    • We offer payment by the following methods:
      • Check - No Fee for First Class Mail - $5 Fee for USPS Priority Mail Service
      • Wire Transfer ($35 Fee Applies)
      • Store Credit
      • ACH - Automated Clearing House (No Fee - Payouts of $250 or more and domestic consignors ONLY)
    • When consigned items are purchased on our site via layaway, payment will not be sent until we have received full payment from the purchaser
    • All consignment credits must be paid out at the end of the month via one of the methods mentioned above; none can be held over until the next month
    • NOTE: As of June 1, 2024, we are no longer offering PayPal as a payout option.

    What is the best way to ship my models to BRASSTRAINS.COM?

    • It is best to send your models by UPS or USPS with full insurance coverage
    • Please package your models securely in a strong corrugated box with at least 2 inches of padding surrounding the  model
    • Ship your models to:

    • C/O Anthony
      10515 SE 115th Ave.
      Ocala, FL 34472 

    • Please include a list of all items in the shipment along with your contact information, including name, address, phone number, and e-mail


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