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Projects by Union Terminal Imports

Union Terminal Imports
SP and RI Golden State and Pullman
Announced Nov 17, 2016
57 versions

Accepting reservations
HO UTI Southern Pacific ALCO PAs
Announced Jun 01, 2015
36 versions

We are happy to announce UTI SP ALCO PA project. There will be eleven SP versions with multiple road numbers of each version. Fully factory Finish w/ lighting and DCC / Sound ready. Dynamic brake baffles.

Accepting reservations
Announced Feb 17, 2014
19 versions

UTI is producing a very limited run of Southern Pacific SD45R GRIP models. These will come in a number of configurations and paint schemes each with appropriate details. A few of these locomotives went to Montana Rail Link. Models will come factory finished, dcc ready, with directional lighting.

Accepting reservations
Amtrak Diesel SDP40F
Announced Oct 14, 2013
12 versions

Accepting reservations
Wabash Bluebird Full Width & Narrow Width
Announced Oct 08, 2013
22 versions

Sold out
UTI E-Units
Announced May 06, 2013
58 versions

We are pleased to announce our next diesel project. We are going to be producing many unique versions of EMD E units. These models will be produced by Boo Rim Precision and will be fully factory finished and ready for plug and play DCC operation.

Accepting reservations
SP Krauss-Maffei Series Units
Announced Feb 19, 2013
9 versions

Accepting reservations
KCS Mid 1960s Southern Belle
Announced Jun 21, 2012
2 versions

Accepting reservations