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HO Scale Unassembled Craftsman Kit from Custom Model Railroads

  • Our grade of this kit is "New In Box."
  • Laser-cut acrylic parts.
  • The glue and paint are not included.
  • This is a very special kit, its our understanding less than 5 have been produced in HO scale.
  • You can see the original special order O scale buildings here:
  • In our opinion the HO version will look much better as they will be taller and more in proportion with the actual skyscrapers, obviously there were height limitations in place with the O scale models.
  • Our cost was $2435.00 + approx $500 for TWO six story add on kits, + $480.00 for the 3-D printed top which will reduce construction time greatly, though all the parts to make a second top are also included.  In addition this had a lead time of nearly 2 years, and likely will not be available again.
  • This is enough to build a 43 story tall building.  I believe that will be about 60" tall actual height but I do not have the exact dimensions handy.
  • This model does not include instructions, if you have built CMR kits before you will know they are pretty intuitive, and it does show the parts list.  Another option is to have it professionally built, Jeff at CMR would likely have some excellent suggestions.

Kit features laser cut acrylic parts. Tab and slot construction.