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HO Scale Brass Model Steam Locomotive from Key Model Imports
  • This model is in "Excellent" condition. There are some minor blemishes on the boiler and some minor paint chips. There is a little bit of wheel wear. It's been lightly used, but is in overall pretty good shape.
  • Cosmetically, on a grade of 1-10, where 1 is "Mint" and 10 is very rough with heavy usage "project" level, we'd rate this model at 5, due to some minor nicks and blemishes in the paint that we will show clearly in the photos. It looks like this may have come from the factory this way. We realize that this is subjective to viewpoint, so please check out the photos to see what you think before making a purchase.
  • We've track-tested it and it runs well. It has a can motor that is pretty quiet. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is quiet and 10 is loud, we'd rate the overall running noise level of the model at 3.
  • This model features operating directional headlights.
  • There's nice detail inside the cab.
  • No window glazing has been installed.
  • This is the coal version. A coal load has been installed post-factory and is nicely done.
  • The original box and foam are included.

Condition: Excellent - Light Use
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Factory Paint
Rarity: Hard To Find
Brass Guide Information
BG-SKU: 42136
Scale: HO
Importer: Key Model Imports
Category: Steam
Builder: SKI
Road: Union Pacific
Description: #5029 SANTA FE
Whyte: 2-10-2
Catalog No: