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HO Scale Brass Model Train from Nickel Plate Products
Built in Japan by Kumata

New York Ontario & Western 4-8-2 Class Y Mountain Steam Locomotive & Tender
  • Nicely Custom painted & decal lettered
  • Can motor - Runs but has a slight hesitation on every rotation (mainly noticed at slow speeds)
  • Basic back-head detail
  • No operating lights
  • No Window Glazing
  • Spare Parts Included
  • Original Box included

Condition: Like New - Test Run Or Displayed
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Custom Paint
Rarity: Somewhat Hard To Find
Brass Guide Information
BG-SKU: 24057
Scale: HO
Importer: NJ Custom Brass
Category: Steam
Builder: KSM
Road: New York, Ontario & Western
Description: Y-2 MOUNTAIN
Whyte: 4-8-2
Year(s): 1981
Catalog No: ST-229
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