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Precision Scale RI Rock Island Rocky Mountain Rocket Sets

04/18/2014 09:38 AM
We are helping PSC move out the last remaining sets of this project. These cars have amazing detail with Full Interior Detail and the Advanced Interior LED Lighting with battery that recharges to keep a steady flow of power which results in flicker-free lighting.

We are offering each set at a bargain price of $2295.00 (that is less than $300.00 per car)
Get Your's before they are Sold Out - Click here to see them

Weekly Deals just added to the Current Specials

04/13/2014 09:51 AM
042143 HO TCY 1381.1.1 The Coach Yard UP Union Pacific COSL Coach #5400

042193 HO TCY 1380.04 The Coach Yard UP Union Pacific COP Chair #5480

042210 HO TCY 1380.09 The Coach Yard UP Union Pacific COP Sleeper - Pacific Slope

042335 HO Brass Model Train - Key Imports CS#84 SP 4-8-4 GS-4 #4430 As Built - Daylight

042641 HO Brass Model Train - Key Imports CS#93 UP 4-8-4 FEF-3 #844 - Oil - Last Run w/ PFM Sound

042671 HO Brass OMI 1534.1 UP Union Pacific 4-8-4 FEF-3 #839 - Two Tone Gray Custom   SOLD OUT

047218 O Scale Brass PSC 15453 PRR X-29 Box Car #2290 - Weathered

047221 O Scale Brass PSC 15865 PFE R-30-12 Ice Reefer #41950 - Weathered   SOLD OUT

047222 O Scale Brass PSC 15865 PFE R-30-12 Ice Reefer #41788 - Weathered   SOLD OUT

047320 O Scale Brass 2-Rail - PSC 16975-2 NYC 60' Baggage Mail Passenger Car #5159   SOLD OUT

Brass Electric Pantographs

01/09/2014 01:00 PM
We just posted a new listing under "Accessories" - we have several nice Brass Pantographs from when we purchased the Balls Of Brass Collection. We have several available for the very reasonable price of $24.95


01/05/2014 11:00 AM
New for 2014 - Each week, we will update the CURRENT SPECIALS section with "Weekly Deals" - these will be mainly old stock items that we want to move. Several items each week will be deeply discounted for 1 Week ONLY. After that week is over... the items will return to the normal price so be sure to act fast while they are on Sale!

New Items will be featured each week (plus Dan may add some random surprises) so make sure you keep checking the CURRENT SPECIALS

New Look - New Features!

09/25/2013 01:15 PM
In order to provide a consistently evolving shopping experience for our customers, you may have noticed some recent improvements to our website. But just in case you missed it, here are a few of the new features:

  • Enhanced Product Detail Page - When examining the photos of any given model, this page will incorporate the ability to Share it with your friends, Like it on Facebook, Google Plus and even Pinterest. You can also add the item of interest directly to your Alert List with the click of a button.
  • Product Views Counter - When examining an item, we have included a Product View Counter that will briefly show an updated view count. You can see the amount of interest a particular item is receiving at any time.
  • Continuous Live Stream of New Listings !! - You've asked for it and now it's here. We have incorporated the latest technology into our listing process and now we will be streaming New Listings all throughout the day (during normal business hours of course). This stresses the importance of keeping up to date with your Alert List. If you need help setting up an Alert List click here or feel feel to drop us an email with your question.   

There are many more new features that we are continually working on, so keeping checking back in the days and weeks ahead. If you have any suggestions, we're always willing to listen. Just send us an email with a feature you would like to see. If it's possible and practical, we will do our best to make it happen. 

Attention Consignors:

06/18/2013 12:00 AM
A note to all our customers that have items to sell on consignment… please do not just send your items without first sending us a list for approval. We must approve items prior to you mailing them. We greatly appreciate your consideration on this.