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Weekly Deals just added to the Current Specials

07/27/2014 09:51 AM
043839 HO Brass Pecos River 2604 UP Union Pacific #12701 34' Covered Hopper Custom

043840 HO Brass Pecos River 2604 UP Union Pacific #12706 34' Covered Hopper Custom   SOLD OUT

044022 HO Brass OMI 5400 Overland BNSF H3 Dash 8-40BW Diesel #516 - Custom + DCC   SOLD OUT

044791 HO Brass PFM Crown Tenshodo GN Great Northern L-1 2-6-6-2 #26/600 PFM COLLECTION

044390 HO Brass Lambert Platinum C&O Chesapeake & Ohio 0-8-0 C-15-A #116 - CUSTOM

044604 HO Brass OMI 5842.1 ATSF Santa Fe Warbonnet Dash 8-40CW #841 - Custom + DCC   SOLD OUT

044396 HO Brass Sunset Models B&O Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-0 B-18 #2031 - Custom

044963 HO Brass SSL Shoreham Shops AJIN Milwaukee 1952 Hiawatha Express Baggage #1317   SOLD OUT

045005 HO Brass PFM Tenshodo 1975 Run NP Northern Pacific 4-6-6-4 Z-6 Challenger #5120 - by Hal Maynard

045008 HO Brass PFM Tenshodo 1979 Run NP Northern Pacific 4-6-6-4 Z-8 Challenger #5136 by Hal Maynard

Attention all Colorado Midland Railroaders!

06/27/2014 11:27 AM
We just acquired the nicest Collection of Colorado Midland Brass Model Trains that we have ever seen. The previous owner was intent on getting the entire CM Steam Roster and he didn't just want average models. He spent excessive time and money to have many of these professionally painted & detailed. Even if you do not currently model CM... No-doubt you will appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into them!

All the Westerfield Custom Assembled and Painted freight cars are also from this same collection. He purchased 100's of these cars and had all customized to match freight that would have run through the CM as well as other surrounding railroads. If you are interested in purchasing 5 or more of these cars, let us know and maybe we can work in a discount.

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01/05/2014 11:00 AM
New for 2014 - Each week, we will update the CURRENT SPECIALS section with "Weekly Deals" - these will be mainly old stock items that we want to move. Several items each week will be deeply discounted for 1 Week ONLY. After that week is over... the items will return to the normal price so be sure to act fast while they are on Sale!

New Items will be featured each week (plus Dan may add some random surprises) so make sure you keep checking the CURRENT SPECIALS

New Look - New Features!

09/25/2013 01:15 PM
In order to provide a consistently evolving shopping experience for our customers, you may have noticed some recent improvements to our website. But just in case you missed it, here are a few of the new features:

  • Enhanced Product Detail Page - When examining the photos of any given model, this page will incorporate the ability to Share it with your friends, Like it on Facebook, Google Plus and even Pinterest. You can also add the item of interest directly to your Alert List with the click of a button.
  • Product Views Counter - When examining an item, we have included a Product View Counter that will briefly show an updated view count. You can see the amount of interest a particular item is receiving at any time.
  • Continuous Live Stream of New Listings !! - You've asked for it and now it's here. We have incorporated the latest technology into our listing process and now we will be streaming New Listings all throughout the day (during normal business hours of course). This stresses the importance of keeping up to date with your Alert List. If you need help setting up an Alert List click here or feel feel to drop us an email with your question.   

There are many more new features that we are continually working on, so keeping checking back in the days and weeks ahead. If you have any suggestions, we're always willing to listen. Just send us an email with a feature you would like to see. If it's possible and practical, we will do our best to make it happen.